What is the Great Adventure?

When we think about service projects, we rarely think about ourselves as the ones who need served.  We think about donating our time and money to someone who needs it, with the premise that they need help where we can, in that process, fix what we are personally struggling with by helping another.

While service to others is important and can be done when we are able, we must not forget the self.  The only person that can really make that change, as cliche as it sounds, is you.  We are the keeper of our own thoughts, belief systems, values, and actions.  No one can take that level of responsibility in our lives.

We are a product of what we have experienced, yes, which is influenced by others.  But why do we see hundreds of people with the same background all expressing those memories in different ways?  Why does one person abused as a child grow up to become a peaceful person and the other grows up to perpetuate the abuse cycle with their own children?

THAT is precisely what we are working on here.  To look within, find that part of you that is true and wants to be whole – but has needed to take a back seat to everything else you are “supposed” to focus on.  Because when we can connect with ourselves from a place of peace, calmness, and acceptance, we can lead by example.  We can show others there is a different way of living, and when we are able to complete those outward service projects for others, we can come from a personal place that is oh so more prepared to give.

So join me.  The blog here will outline my own journey to this place of personal reconnection.  The projects page hosts a compilation of the journeys of others like you.

When we share we inspire.  And this is how we really impact the world.

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