Movement Forward. Always movement forward.

We all have to start somewhere.  It isn’t pretty.  It typically isn’t organized.  And it typically isn’t something that we want to share out with the world.

But one of the greatest challenges I see with our current society is the fact that the only side of ourselves that we want to share with the outside world is that shiny, happy side that looks all put together, perfect, and without problems.  So we don’t get to see that other messier side of people.

And I get that.  Who wants to show a side that makes us look vulnerable, falling apart, or less than perfect?  But what side of us really makes more progress?  The one who hung out all day with our best friends, sitting and chatting, or the one that just cried for 4 hours because we realized that we aren’t really being true to what we want and we desperately desire to hit the reset button?

We always have so many opportunities available to us that will help us move forward.  To move toward our passions, to build the life of our designs, but we don’t move.  We sit, we watch another show.  We have another drink, we go on another night out with friends.


What’s your goal? What personal-growth accomplishment are you seeking to achieve right now?  Send me a message through the contact page and I’ll add your journey to the projects.  Doesn’t matter if you are just thinking about starting, half way through, almost there, or something you accomplished already that is a spring board for better living.  Huge, small, doesn’t matter.  Maybe it was making yourself breakfast for a whole week.  Maybe it was finally introducing yourself to people you were afraid of.  Maybe it was signing yourself up for a class or program. Share with us the lessons you learned by doing so.  Lets be real and bring others along with us.  

Till next time…..


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